Planning a Wedding? We'll give your guests $$ and explain what they need to know.

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Customized Wedding Page with Discount Code

WHY: Your guests are so excited for the wedding and want to dress the part. We take on the burden of coordinating and communicating the dress code of each event and giving personalized outfit recommendations, so you don't have to dig into other peoples wardrobes to dress your guests!

WHAT: A customized landing page on our website for your guests with relevant information about each of your events, plus a custom discount code just for your wedding

WHO: For all your wedding guests!

WHERE: Online

WHEN: We recommend adding this page to your wedding website ASAP, and sending this link out to your guests 3 months before the wedding so they have time to plan their outfits!

Elevated Ceremony Bridal Party Outfits

WHY: It's unfortunate that the bridal party has to wear the most plain outfits just because custom made to size clothes are so expensive. Elevate your bridal party by coordinating the colors but allowing each bridesmaid to express their individual style!

WHAT: A beautifully curated and elevated bridal party wardrobe at a fraction of the price of buying. Let us know your wedding colors and we can curate a coordinated wardrobe for your loved ones!

WHO: For your entire bridal party, men included!

WHERE: The Riya Collective Showroom in San Francisco, CA or Online

WHEN: We recommend starting this process 6 months in advance of the wedding, or as soon as your wedding colors are finalized.


Q) Will you be able to find rental outfits for all my bridesmaids?

A) We have a sizing guarantee. If a bridesmaid or groomsmen needs a custom outfit, we can create it for you.

Q) Do we have to be in SF to coordinate our bridal party?

A) While we recommend coming in to try on the ceremony outfits, we can book a virtual showroom for your bridal party!

Your wedding photos last a lifetime. Your friends and family should look amazing in them.