Indian Wedding outfits, solved.

We'll outfit you, your friends and family, and help everyone save! Getting Married? Sign up your wedding so you, your friends and your family can all get group savings, and be able to participate in our rental + buy back program.

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Contemporary Styles for all wedding events

We want everyone at the wedding to look incredible. Our collection and stylists will help each of you pick the most stylish, formal pieces for your events.

Want us to curate pieces for you and help you find the best piece for what you're looking for?

Custom Fit to fit perfectly

Each piece will be custom fit to you. You'll get it far in advance of your event to make sure it looks good and you're happy with it. Even if you want to rent, you'll simply checkout in full for the outfit you like and you'll be able to return it after use to get a refund on the full price.

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Our goal is to help ensure everyone has the perfect styles for your events. If you have any questions our team is here to help.