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Want to treat as a rental? Request a label

Return the outfit and we'll refund your purchase to the rental price


The flat rate for renting with Riya includes shipping both ways and dry cleaning:

  • Women’s outfit: $200*
  • Men’s outfit: $150*

(*If the outfit is more than $500 for women and $300 for men, then the rental price will be 50% of the outfit cost)

  1. Purchase the item upfront and get it made to your custom measurements
    1. You’ll receive email confirmation that confirms that you can rent the outfit

  2. When you want to sell the item back, email [email protected] with your order number

  3. We will send you a pre-paid return label to ship the item back to us

  4. We will refund you up to the rental amount within 24 hours of receiving the item*
    1. Good condition defined as condition expected within 1-2 wears (no rips/tears or major stains, beading and embroidery still intact).


Thank you! Look out for an email with details :)