Leah and Kabir

The Countdown Begins!


Meet Riya Collective - your one stop shopping destination for the wedding

  • We are an SF-based startup and serve as a marketplace of South Asian designer labels
  • We help our customers rent or buy outfits for the wedding based on your budget
  • Place your orders by Feb 1st!
  • You can work with one of our stylists (for free) to help find the perfect look
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    • We will ensure no duplicate outfits!

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What to wear:

For Leah and Kabir's wedding you'll be going straight from the Ceremony into the Sangeet and will be wearing one outfit throughout. So make it your best!

Women: Wear your most vibrant, colorful outfit! Lehengas and indo western palazzos (crop tops with wide-legged pants) are perfect styles to wear for this event. There will be lots of dancing, so make sure your outfit is comfortable and you can move in it.

Men: You'll want to wear a traditional Indian outfit called a Kurta or Sherwani. Kurtas will be pulled on over your head, and a Sherwani buttons up like a jacket. You'll want to select a size that matches the typical suit jacket size you wear. Avoid wearing black or white and if you want something to go with a suit you have, we also have bright vests!

Some more inspo

Women: If you are excited to wear a sari, we've got you covered! All of our gorgeous sari outfits are pre-pleated so you will be able to easily tie them yourself.

Men: Remember you will be dancing with the groom as he enters the venue! Traditional patterned kurtas or sherwanis are perfect for this. Alternatively, you can pair a plain, neutral kurta with a bright, vibrant vest for some extra flair.

How to dress it up

If you are looking to do it up, we do carry high-end designer dresses for men and women as well as shoes, jewelry, and accessories for you to complete the look.

Got Any Questions?

Reach out if you need any help finding an outfit! [email protected]