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Indian Weddings often consist of 3 events. These all come with different purposes and are opportunities to wear something unique and trendy.

Indian festive clothes are usually beautiful, easy, unique and fun to dance in. If you have any questions, don't find something in your size, or need general advice, simply email [email protected] and we'll get you what you need.

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Mendhi Outfits

During this, all of the women are invited to participate in getting their mendhi done by the mendhi artists!

What to wear: Colorful and (relative) casual clothing is perfect for the Mendhi. Women can wear a “salvaar kurta” or “anarkali” (the outfits that have pants) as opposed to a heavier lehenga or gown. Men can wear a standard beige/white or colored kurta.

Sangeet Outfits

Dance Performances + Food and more Dancing

What to wear: Colorful Indian formal clothing is perfect for the Mendhi. Women can wear a “salvaar kurta” or “anarkali” (the outfits that have pants) or a heavier lehenga or gown. Men can wear a colorful kurta or sherwani!

Indian wedding guest and bridalwear

The Baraat

What to wear to an Indian wedding

Indian wedding ceremonies are preceeded by the Baraat. This is the outdoor procession, just before the ceremony, in which the groom rides in on a horse for up to an hour. You'll want to be in something you can move around in!

Women: Wear a Lehenga, Anarkali, or Gown. If you want to wear a sari, this is your time to do it since you will be seated for a good portion of it and saris are the most traditional Indian outfit. Do NOT wear red (the bride will be wearing red) or black.

Men: Wear your fanciest kurta. These will often have a bit more embroidery or gold work on them. Perhaps they have more of a collar or an embellished stole. Again, don’t wear red or black. The groom will likely wear a beige “sherwani” (similar to a kurta) with red and gold highlights. However, that does not need to stop you from wearing beige/red/gold as well as those are the most common colors for kurtas.  

The Ceremony

Indian Wedding Guest attire

Indian wedding ceremonies can sometimes be long so please dress accordingly. It directly follows the Baraat so you'll be wearing the same outfit as such, but remember for women, please don't wear red!

The Reception

Indian Wedding Guest attire

The Reception is borrowed from the American wedding ceremony and is not a part of the traditional Indian ceremony. Hence this will be a lot like an American reception (dinner, dancing, speeches)...except in Indian clothing! This is usually the “fanciest” of the events.

What to wear:

Women: Your most embellished/heaviest lehenga, anarkali, or gown. Trust us. Big earrings or other jewelry are also encouraged! You can wear black now and even red if you want.

Men: Men will mostly wear a suit for the reception

Now that you know what to wear, have a great time!!

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