How to wear Indian Clothes

Not too knowledgeable about Indian clothes and occasions? We’ve got you covered. The information below will help you get started on what to wear and always feel free to email us at [email protected] for styling tips.

First, the most asked about event of them all: the Indian wedding. Here’s how to make sense of it:


The Rokha is the Indian engagement party. Usually, this is a bit more relaxed affair. There’s a good chance the bride will be in a more traditional sari as she goes through the “Pooja” (prayer) surrounded by close family and friends. The best outfit for this occasion is the classic Anarkali. Any color works. And always wear heels with any Indian clothes!


Girls night! But really…often these events are all female relatives and friends of the Bride. You’re there to give the Bride advice before her wedding and possibly participate in some group dances (you know Indians love those!). If you want to get Henna done (and we highly recommend it), you’ll want to wear a short-sleeve or sleeveless Langha. That way you can get Henna on your feet and hands. You’ll want to get fancier as the occasions go on so don’t wear your favorite outfit on this night.


The Sangeet is the night before the wedding and it is full of dancing and color. This is where you want to wear your most colorful outfit. Reds, greens, purples, and blues can all mix together. What matters is bright and vibrant. You’ll also want to be comfortable so either a Langha or Anarkali an do the trick (although if you go for an Anarkali it should be one of the dressier ones).


If you’re ever going to try carrying a sari, now is your chance. You won’t have to walk much and it will look extremely elegant. The only rule here: don’t wear black (considered an inauspicious color in Indian tradition). If you’re going to wear a sari, have an “Aunty” help you tie it beforehand or if you’re brave, grab a friend, some bobby pins, and this youtube video:


Save your glitziest Langha or Gown for this night. At an Indian wedding, don’t be afraid to go all out. Nothing is too much. The heaviest jewelry, makeup, 3 to 4 inch heels, and bejeweled dresses are on display. Just pick an outfit you’ll enjoy eating, drinking and dancing the night away in.