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Join the Aapro Label Group Order

The most upvoted brand on The Collective, is now open for an exclusive group pre-order. Get up to 30% off if the group reaches 10+ participants. Feel free to share with your friends & family!

Create a Coco Bombay Group Order

The first brand we launched on Riya Collective, Coco Bombay, is open for a group order. Check out for an item of your choice, and you'll be sent a link to share with 2 friends - each of you will get 30% off on your items.

5 Participants in the JODI Sleep Group Order, 30% off each person's order

15 Participants in the Needledust Group Order,

30% off each person's order

5 Participants in the Anisha Parmar Group Order, 10% off each person's order