How to interpret our men's sizing

The key sizes for men are the height and shoulder width.

Shoulder width: Compare this to your typical suit jacket size. We recommend getting an outfit that exactly matches your suit jacket size.

Height: We have provided the “length” in inches of the “Kurta” (top) from shoulder blade to the bottom of the kurta. The bottom of the “Kurta” should hit at the knee or up to 6 inches below the knee. We have provided a measurement translation for each product to show, using the typical male body ratios, what heights this kurta should fit. If you are at the tallest height of the height range, the kurta will end right at your knee, if you are at the shortest end of the range it will hit 6 inches below your knee. If your height is outside the range, you can still get the kurta but just know that it will be slightly shorter or longer than the norm.

If you have any concerns or questions about fit at all, please shoot us an email at [email protected].