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Shirin and Ashish's Bali Wedding 7-21-2019

3 Events, 3 outfits. We will help you find the perfect ones.

You will need 3 different outfits for their events. Per the invitation, festive and formal Indian attire is recommended but not required, so we’re here to recommend you options based on what you are comfortable with. You can email us at [email protected] if you have specific questions or need more guidance.

Indian festive clothes are beautiful, easy and fun to dance in.

Since it’s in Bali over the summer, we are recommending our lighter colors and fabrics:

  1. Monday Morning is what's called a Mendhi/Pithi: Wear light colors and light fabrics
  2. Monday night is the Sangeet: Wear colorful outfits (Skirts and Croptops for women
  3. Tuesday night is the Baraat + Ceremony + Reception

Mendhi Outfits

What to wear: Colorful and (relative) casual clothing is perfect for the Mehdnhi.

Women can wear a “salvaar kurta” or “anarkali” (the outfits that have pants), a light lengha skirt and crop top.

Men can wear a standard beige/white or colored kurta. Sometimes, the bride/groom will do their “haldi” on the same day which is an event where you will be spreading wet turmeric on the bride/groom, in which case make sure to wear something you don’t mind washing after!

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Sangeet Outfits

What to wear:

Women: Wear your most vibrant outfit! Lehengas, anarkalis, and gowns are great. Black is usually not worn. Don’t worry about showing torso, that is quite standard with Indian clothing. There will be lots of dancing so make sure your outfit is comfortable (hence we don’t recommend saris).

Men: Brightly colored kurta with pants. If you have a standard beige/white kurta that is perfectly fine just throw a stole on it (usually red).

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The Baraat + Ceremony + Reception

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What to Wear

Women: Wear a Lehenga, Anarkali, or Gown. Do NOT wear red (the bride will be wearing red) or black. If the family is quite traditional, they will also ask you to avoid white as that is typically the color of mourning in India. However, in more modern weddings white/cream and gold is fine to wear especially if it’s a hot summer wedding.

Men: Most Men will wear a suit, or Tux (depending on the invite) but if Indian clothes are still up for grabs, we encourage you wear your fanciest kurta. These will often have a bit more embroidery or gold work on them. Perhaps they have more of a collar or an embellished stole. Again, don’t wear red or black. The groom will likely wear a beige “sherwani” (similar to a kurta) with red and gold highlights. However, that does not need to stop you from wearing beige/red/gold as well as those are the most common colors for kurtas.  

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions

Riya Collective was built on the premise that Indian Fashion should be more accessible outside of India. Reach out if you need any help! [email protected]