WSJ: The Rise of Hand-Me-Down Inc. [and why we are doing this for Indian Clothing]

While we take complete objection to the title ("Hand-Me-Down"?!...we prefer "pre-loved"), Today's Wall Street Journal's piece today on the rise of the sharing economy for clothing in the US showcases the massive opportunity that Riya Collective is tackling.

The article opens with "Thrift shopping is going mainstream" and goes on to cover in detail, to companies we love: Poshmark and The RealReal. And that's when an Indian reader has to stop and think..."wait a minute, why doesn't this exist for Indian clothing?" Numbering 1.4B globally, we Indians LOVE our designer clothing, let's be honest. We're the Queens (and Kings) of the the most elegant and elaborate clothing on the planet. 

So...what are we all doing with it after it's been worn once? Well, in the age of social media when no one wants to be seen in the same outfit twice, these pieces are now sitting at the back of our closets. But they are in great condition! And fashionable! 

And that's why Riya Collective not only rents clothes from our brand partners but also very selectively accepts pre-loved designer outfits from Indians living in the US. 

If you want to submit your items for consignment consideration, visit our web page here for more information. 

Make some money off your clothes, but what is more: give that piece of clothing to someone else who will wear it instead of buying something new and start reduce the massive landfill waste that clothing all over the world creates. 

To learn more, check out our blog post on the 5 reasons to rent Indian clothing.

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