Save The Planet By Renting 

After another recent and worrying climate change report, we were all left wondering what more we can do as individuals to fight global warming. A lot of us are already experts at recycling and reusing, but what if we told you that renting could also save the planet?

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With the recent rise of fast-fashion (think H&M and Zara- these places are continuously coming out with new inexpensive pieces) and increasingly shortened trend cycles, we are left feeling like we need to constantly buy new clothes to stay in style.

This results in the fashionistas of the world purchasing 80 billion garments per year, which, on average, are each worn only seven times before being tossed! Just in the United States, we send 10.5 million tons of textiles to landfills each year, most of which contain non-biodegradable synthetics. On top of that, the fashion industry is responsible for nearly 20% of all industrial water pollution and releases 10% of carbon emissions in our air. 

Our clothing purchases are literally killing the planet. 

By renting instead of buying, we can create less waste and reduce our carbon footprints while still having a stylish wardrobe. Renting is especially useful for those special event outfits that we only end up wearing once. The more times a garment is worn, the smaller its impact is on global warming. If everyone in the world rented just one outfit instead of buying per year, the impact would be huge. Luckily, for all the eco-friendly fashionistas of the world, renting (or as the WSJ called it, the “hand-me-down” trend) is starting to become more popular and could soon reshape the fashion industry.

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