How to wear Kurta Pants

Key Information when putting on Kurta Pants

Author Maxim Tourou / Category Architecture / Published: Apr-05-2018

When you first put them on, the pants will be very wide at the waist, and will gradually taper in towards the ankles. There should be some extra fabric at your ankles, this does not mean they are too long. Do not pull the pants up higher to try and straighten out the ankles, this will just make the pants tighter around your ankles/calves.

Do NOT try to pull them straight up, they should be pulled on while sitting, and remain bunch around the ankles.

The long Kurta Top covers the top part of the pants, expect them to look baggy and bunched around the ankles

Once you tie the waist, correctly fitting pants will look like the picture below. Baggy around the thighs and butt, and tight around your ankles. They may be even tighter around the calves and ankles that the pants in the photo and that is perfectly normal!


Lastly, don’t forget to tuck the strings in, and to rock your kurta!


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Author Maxim Tourou / Category Architecture / Published: Apr-05-2018