What's the deal with the "cups"?!

Ok ladies...we've all noticed it. Indian women's blouses (tops of lehengas or even gowns/salvaars) often come with what can best be described as bra cups on the inside. What are the pros and cons of these and who should wear them?

Pros (admittedly fewer than the cons, we at Riya Collective are starting to move away from garments with cups in them)

  • If you truly have small boobs and you don't mind them, well, looking a little bit bigger [no shame in that!] 

  • If you the back of the blouse is low or sheer in which the bra strap would show in the back. Rather than going out and buying sticky boobs or wearing a strapless bra, this works!

[This Priyal Prakash blouse has a very low strap in the back so a regular bra might come above it and show. As you can see it has built-in cups]


  • Not so much in the well-made dresses, but the cups can sometimes move around inside creating a um...awkward....look. 

  • Sometimes the cups look almost fakely round

  • For curvier women especially, the cups make it harder to adjust the dress at all and safety pin it etc in ways that make the blouse fit the way you want. 

This does NOT mean that you shouldn't get a dress with cups, they can definitely complete a sleek look. Just a few factors to take into consideration when renting :) 

If you're curious about how to wear Indian clothes in general, check out our blog post on that subject! 

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