Brides and Grooms trust Riya Collective for their wedding guests

Our guests had an amazing time at our wedding because of Riya Collective

Posted at 11:00 • 16 Feb • Soha

Women and Men in the US now have an easier time getting Indian wedding attire for their upcoming weddings. Riya Collective rents the best Indian clothing now shipping across the US. Our team will explain what to wear, how to wear it and make sure that everything fits well and works well. If you know someone planning a wedding, invite them to share Riya Collective with their guests.


They say the perfect love stories are made in heaven. Well, we at Riya Collective like to believe they are actually made in (fashion) heaven. Meet Tessa and Arjun - modern day bride and groom who walked into our showroom and stole our hearts with their love story and later at their fusion wedding that saw the coming together of two beautifully distinct cultures.


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Brides Trust Riya Collective

Arian Agrawal published 15 Feb


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